Technology Development

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The project is part of the Collaboration in Scientific Research and Technological Innovation of the Autonomous Region of Sardiniaand the Lombardy Region

The project involves the construction of new facilities for microwaves at the University of Milan and the Cagliari section of the National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF). The facilities are open to collaboration and synergy with small and medium-sized enterprises with high technological content present on the territory of Sardinia and Lombardy. The aim is the achievement of actual examples of synergy between fundamental research and innovation with impact of market and socially useful .

The scientific and technological synergy between Planck and the Sardinia Radio Telescope (SRT) is the prerequisite for this collaboration. The project is designed to support new technological developments in radio and microwave, an highly strategic sector not only for fundamental research but also for large industrial applications, ranging from GPS systems to telecommunications, from aerospace industry to bio-medical research areas, from environmental monitoring to petroleum deposits. 

The main objectives of our group in this collaboration are:

- Follow-up observations with SRT of sources observed by Planck

- Strengthening of the Q-band receiver for SRT. Development of front-end components.

- Development and calibration of an anechoic chamber at 10-100 GHz located at the Physics Department of Milan.

- Identification of a network of small and medium-sized businesses with which establish technological synergies in the microwave field

- Science education & outreach