The ESA's satellite Planck is the third space mission devoted to the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). Two are the instruments on board of Planck: LFI (Low Frequency Instrument) and HFI (High Frequency Instrument). The satellite has been launched in May 2009, and in January 2012 HFI completed his mission, running out of coolant as expected, while LFI continued surveying the sky until October 2013. Many astrophysical results has been published in 2011 and 2012 (referred to as Planck Early and Intermediate Results), together with the Early Release Compact Source Catalogue. The first cosmological results has been published on 21 March 2013, revealing an almost perfect Universe. A second release of cosmological results is expected in 2014.

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The group in Milan is involved in the Planck-LFI program since the beginning in 1992, when Marco Bersanelli (UniMi), Instrument Scientist and Deputy Principal Investigator of LFI, together with Reno Mandolesi (IASF-BO), Principal Investigator of LFI, started the LFI International Consortium. The Consortium includes Universities and Research Institutes of UK, USA, Norway, Spain, Finland, Switzerland and many Italian groups (Milan, Bologna, Trieste, Rome, Padova).

The group in Milan had a decisive participation in the realization of the LFI instrument. Before the launch the activity has been focussed on pre-launch instrumental test and on development of the data processing pipeline.

Since the launch the activity of the group in the Planck program is mainly dedicated to:

  • in-flight LFI calibration;
  • detection and removal of systematic effects in LFI data;
  • support of the LFI data processing pipeline;
  • scientific exploitation of the data (component separation, power spectrum estimation, non-gaussianity study, galaxy clusters with the SZ effect); 

The group has a coordination role of the instrument and calibration team and of the pipeline activities.

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