About me

Since childhood I liked looking at stars, wondering what those magnificent spots of light were. I then started looking at sky with a small refractor and, today, I still look at Universe with a Newtonian reflector sharing this passion with my husband. 
In 2001 I started joining the Amateur Astronomy Group of Milan , which meets at the Planetarium of Milan. In 2006 I had been elected to the Presidency of the Amateur Astronomy Group of Milan. As part of the activities related to the group I perform lessons of Astronomy and Astrophysics in Primary Schools, High School and Third Age University; I attend to public sky observation during which I share my telescope with the public.

I like photography and several years ago I started taking picture of sky objects with my digital reflex camera mounted on the telescope.

When I have the opportunity I like travelling.

In spare time I read books, I like drawing with pencils, listening to music, taking ride with my bicycle and walking.