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Pubblicazioni recenti

"CMB signal from WMAP 3yr data with FastICA"
- D.M., Simona Donzelli, A.J.Banday, Carlo Baccigalupi, Federico Stivoli
- MNRAS on-line Abstract
"Separating cosmological B modes from foregrounds in cosmic microwave background polarization observations"
- F.Stivoli, C.Baccigalupi, D.M., R.Stompor
- MNRAS accepted. Abstract
"Angular power spectrum of the FastICA cosmic microwave background component from Background Emission Anisotropy Scanning Telescope Data"
- S.Donzelli, D.M., M.Bersanelli, J.Childers, N.Figueiredo, P.M.Lubin, P.R.Meinhold, I.J.O'Dwyer, M.D.Seiffert, T.Villela, B.D.Wandelt, C.A.Wuensche
- MNRAS (2006) 369, 441. Abstract
"Comparison of map-making algorithms for CMB experiments"
- T.Poutanen, G.De Gasperis, E.Hivon, H.Kurki-Suonio, A.Balbi, J.Borrill, C.Cantalupo, O.Dore', E.Keihanen, C.R.Lawrence, D.M., P.Natoli, S.Prunet, R.Stompor
- A & A (2006) 449, 1311 Abstract
"Galactic foreground contribution to the BEAST cosmic microwave background anisotrpy maps"
- J.Mejia, M.Bersanelli, C.Burigana, J.Childers, N.Figueiredo, M.Kangas, P.M.Lubin, D.M., N.Mandolesi, J.Marvil, P.R.Meinhold, I.O'Dwyer, H.O'Neil, P.Platania, M.D.Seiffert, N.Stebor, C.Tello, T.Villela, B.D.Wandelt, C.A.Wuensche
- ApJS (2005) 158, 109 Abstract
"The Cosmic Microwave Background anisotropy power spectrum from the BEAST experiment"
- I.O'Dwyer, M.Bersanelli, J.Childers, N.Figueiredo, D.Halevy, G.Huey, P.M.Lubin, D.M., N.Mandolesi, J.Marvil, P.R.Meinhold, J.Mejia, P.Natoli, H.O'Neil, A.Pina, M.D.Seiffert, N.Stebor, C.Tello, T.Villela, B.D.Wandelt, B.Williams, C.A.Wuensche
- ApJS (2005) 158, 93 Abstract
"Trade-off between angular resolution and straylight contamination in the Planck Low Frequency Instrument"
- C.Burigana, M.Sandri, F.Villa, D.M., R.Paladini, C.Baccigalupi, M.Bersanelli, N.Mandolesi
- A & A (2004) 428, 311 Abstract
"A maximum likelihood approach to the destriping technique"
- E.Keihanen, H.Kurki-Suonio, T.Poutanen, D.M., C.Burigana
- A & A (2004) 428, 287 Abstract
"Extracting cosmic microwave background polarization from satellite astrophysical maps"
- C.Baccigalupi, F.Perrotta, G.De Zotti, G.F.Smooth, C.Burigana, D.M., L.Bedini, E.Salerno
- MNRAS (2004) 354, 55 Abstract
"Cosmic Microwave background power spectrum estimation with the destriping technique"
- T.Poutanen, D.M., H.Kurki-Suonio, E.Keihanen, E.Hivon
- MNRAS (2004) 353, 43 Abstract
"Astrophysical components separation of COBE-DMR 4yr data with FastICA"
- D.M., A.J.Banday, C.Baccigalupi, F.Perrotta, K.M.Gorski
- MNRAS (2003) 344, 544 Abstract